Photograph of a diverse group of students.

Barnes and Noble Facultly Enlight

  • A source for researching, adopting and sharing insights about textbooks and course materials that can filter on affordability and locate the lowest cost options for textbooks and other monographs. This service is in use at some SUNY campuses with Barnes and Noble Bookstores.


  • A service offering premium digital content from top publishers and the best open educational resources.

Occupy the Bookstore

  • This is a Chrome browser extension that allows comparison of textbook prices directly from the campus bookstore website (you may be interested in the Reddit AMA about this.

Reddit Educational GIFs

  • In /r/educationalgifs we strive to have short gifs that educate the subscribers in some way.


  • SlideShare is a slide hosting service offering may free slide presentations that can be shared, as well as embedded in other web pages.

Student Success Act

  • One amendment of this act gives states the flexibility to use federal grant funding to create and distribute open textbooks.

What Are the Impacts of Adopting OER?

  • The OER Adoption Impact Explorer helps you understand some of the impacts of adopting OER instead of commercial textbooks.