Photograph of a diverse group of students.

One of the benefits of a MERLOT partnership is a SUNY-specific view of MERLOT:

  1. You need to be a MERLOT member to use this benefit. Just link to and sign up for FREE. You do need to use your SUNY e-mail address in order to be identified as belonging to a MERLOT partner campus.
  2. Connect to and log in. You should see a SUNY tile on the MERLOT home page:

    Image of the MERLOT page showing the SUNY specific branding

  3. After clicking on the tile, you have access to your MERLOT partner benefits:

    Image of MERLOT showing the SUNY partner page

    The SUNY MERLOT benefits include:

    • SUNY's Recent Materials – this is actually ALL SUNY materials catalog in MERLOT in reverse chronological order
    • SUNY's Recent Members – again, this ALL SUNY members listed in reverse chronological order
    • Partner Only Materials – a list of all resources contributed by MERLOT partners

*For a report on your campus members, contributions, and activity in MERLOT, contact via e-mail Laura K. Murray, Open SUNY ALS Coordinator,