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The E-Textbook Opportunity: The Time is Now for SUNY

The Innovative Instruction Technology Grants project, "The E-Textbook Opportunity: The Time is Now for SUNY," used IITG funds for the licensing of electronic versions of textbooks, or e-textbooks, that are used in common courses across three SUNY schools: SUNY Brockport, SUNY Buffalo and SUNY Delhi. Leveraging the extensive licensing and resource delivery expertise of the participating libraries, this pilot project seized the opportunity that the recent emergence of e-textbooks represents to serve SUNY students more efficiently both academically and financially. The pilot investigated the opportunities and challenges of implementing e-textbooks across diverse SUNY campuses.

According to the NY State Comptroller's Office in 2008, freshman at SUNY and CUNY schools paid between $400-$800 per semester for textbooks, and those costs have historically risen at a rate twice that of inflation. The recent emergence of electronic textbooks (or e-textbooks) represents an opportunity for the higher education community to serve students more efficiently both academically and financially.

SUNY Delhi is participating in Phase II of this initiative.

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SUNY Campus Bookstores Offer Textbook Rentals

The vast majority of SUNY campus bookstores are offering textbook rentals that can save students up to 60% on textbook costs. Not all textbooks are available through rental programs, but these services reflect a growing awareness of affordability issues for students.

Commercial Publisher's Textbooks Options

Publishers are providing a variety of learning solutions that you may want to explore. The major commercial publishers also have custom textbook services as well. Check out Tips for Buying Textbooks.

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